Go Green: Eco- Friendly Solutions

  • Eco Manufacturing to ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and NEN standards
  • Re-processed synthetic plastics with fibers for high pressure cleaning and durability
  • Re-processed rubber tires for brick red and black rubber flooring pavers with special drain-through design for sanitization and easy cleaning
  • Earth tone colors used in manufacturing: green, brown, black
  • Laser cutting for reduced welding requirements
  • We also supply exercisers and exercise areas for exterior usage
  • Stall mats are made of comfortable, cushioned rubber
  • Wash stall mats have special design for underneath drainage
  • Water-based varnish treatment for hardwoods used in stalls
  • Paint finish is a no-peel or flake multi-layer powder coating
  • Sliding stall partitions for easy mechanical cleaning in large horse facilities